Conbook Artwork - EAST XII - Sachsen Furs e.V.

Conbook Artwork

Yo, peeps!

The conbook for this year is gonna be totally rad, and we’re gonna blast through to rock it, for real! We still got mad space for your wicked artworks, so if you’re down to join the party, hit us up, yo! We’re all about those gnarly full-page artworks and chunky fillers for where there’s more text.

So, if you’ve got mad creative vibes and wanna drop some cool stuff, here’s the lowdown:


The deadline is June 14th, so no sleeping on this, alright!

Info for full page artwork:

The Conbook comes in DIN A4, 210mm wide and 297mm high. Because the printers are as chill as we are, they need an extra 3mm on each side, so it’s 216mm wide and 303mm high. But hey, play it safe, dude! Add another 6mm of safety space inside so nothing important gets cut off.

(See infographic)

And yo, hit up our conbook department best through

If you need a creative boost,
check out last time’s conbook here:

Old school stories, you know?:
Don’t toss out your floppy disks just yet. Maybe we gotta tweak things a bit. And nail that dot density (300 dpi)! We’ve rejected some sick artworks in the past ‘cause that 300 dpi and A4-size looked like pixel mush. Totally uncool, man!

Keep it real, guys!

conbook sample