Hotel Reservation Information - EAST XII - Sachsen Furs e.V.

Hotel Reservation Information


By reserving a hotel room when registering for EAST, the participant enters into a binding contract with a hotel.

Reservations in the main hotel are made through Ringberg Hotel GmbH & Co. KG. Their terms and conditions can be viewed here:

Reservations in the overflow hotel are made through City Hotel GmbH & Co. KG. Their terms and conditions can be viewed here:


The hotel reservation is made when registering for the EAST via our registration system! In case of failure to meet the payment deadline for EAST, we reserve the right to cancel the room reservation. The reservation is valid only with a valid EAST registration.

Payment and Cancellation

Payment for the room will be made on site upon departure.

Changes and cancellations for a room at the Ringberg Hotel are possible up to 30 days before the start of the event.
Changes and cancellations for a room at the City Hotel are possible up to 90 days before the start of the event.

If the person in charge of a reservation does not show up for the convention and does not cancel their room on time, they must pay the full cost of the reservation. The guest is solely responsible for these steps. Likewise, each guest is responsible for checking the correctness of their data (especially arrival and departure date) at the latest on the day of arrival.

Arrival on Different Days

If you and your roomate plan on leaving a double room on different days, please inform us via our ticket system so that we can note this correctly. Days on which you occupy the room alone will be charged as a single room.

Information on the use of electronic devices

Please note that no electronic devices such as refrigerators, fans or similar are allowed in the rooms. Any violation will result in a house ban (on the part of the hotel), immediate departure and cancellation fees.

A daily visual cleaning / control is carried out by the housekeeping team

Single occupancy rooms

At the Ringberg Hotel, all rooms are intended for double occupancy at minimum. The only exception is the days before and after EAST, during which the confirmed room partner has not yet arrived or has already departed. The pricing for single rooms is specified exclusively for this purpose.

If no roommate is named after repeated requests, we reserve the right to cancel the room reservation or assign a roommate.

Those who wish to reserve a single room may do so at the City Hotel.

Triple occupancy

Triple occupancy of rooms is limited and must be announced in advance (ticket system). As all rooms are officially designed for max. two persons only, the third person has to take care of a camping bed, air mattress or similar on their own!


The rooms of the hotel are assigned in order. It is not possible to give the hotel room to a specific person if the waiting list is active! Special requests are possible, but should be justified (dog in the room, disabilities, separate beds, etc.). For questions or requests please use our ticket system.
Please note your reg. number and complete nickname next to your request.